FSD - I am Alive!

FSD - I am Alive!

This post related to FST articles. It was hard during Summer to write on a regular basis, but now … Import tool already alive. Yes, I already implemented the following features:

  • Basic import with restoring folders structure
  • Plain import (all documents being imported into selected folder)
  • Import with compression folders to ZIP archives
  • Import with converting text files to PDF format
  • Import with conversion TIFF files to PDF format
  • Extracting ZIP files and imports them as a folder

During the work it became an obvious that tool need a comfortable way to interact with Docbase (check imported documents and structure, etc.) This requires create a sample browser, with some basic features set. So I make decision to split project into two subprojects

  • Library with Swing components for Documentum
  • Import tool project

Of course second project will be the first subscriber of the library.

  • del.icio.us
  • Reddit
  • blinkbits
  • digg
  • Technorati
  • JeQQ
  • Furl
  • YahooMyWeb