FSD - First Step

FSD - First Step

Ok, here is first small report for the first small step. To remind – the target goal is start an open source tool to import files into Documentum repository.

The first stage include planning of future features and develop initial program architecture.

I plan the following list of features which are necessary for the first stage(the first stage this is stage when project ready to became a public available open source).

  • Import from the local PC file system with the following manipulations
    • Recreate folder structure
    • Import documents in plan structure(without folders)
    • Import entire folder as a solid ZIP file
    • Convert folder structure as a Documentum Virtual Documents
    • Convert TIFF(maybe other) images into PDF format
    • Convert plain text into PDF documents
    • Split multi page TIFF documents into separate documents
    • Unpack compressed documents and import them as folder structure
    • Import should be multi threaded get benefit from modern multi core CPU

After all above features are ready I have in mind many other features, but this will be in future.

During 2 weeks which pass from the start the following things were done:

  • Implemented a general application skeleton
  • Created initial GUI forms stubs
  • Refactoring docbase tree component to be suitable for current application

And also, I think out the name, but this will be a secret :)

Below several ready screens

FSD - First Step
FSD - First Step

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