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Flying Squirrel Developer

Flying Squirrel Developer

After reading about interesting style of time management in household I got an idea how to apply it for the development process. “Fly housekeeper” - according to this style you not pay at once much time to keep your house clean. Instead house is being divided into several zones and for each zone separate day is assigned. So during a week you pay small amount of time 15-20 minutes each day to keep this zone clean. With such technique you may keep your house clean and pay just 15-20 minutes per day(but this is 2 hours per week!).

I believe most of developers have a hive of ideas in their heads, but it is always lack of time for their implementation. I want to apply the above technique with some modifications to one bee from my hive.

The idea I want to implement - this is create an open source tool to import files into Documentum repository. I do not have much time to work on it, but I will try to work one hour per day on it’s implementation, so during week this will be about a full working day. I will put a weekly progress report here which is also will be some kind of self-motivation for me.

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over worked

When it is too much work TODO you may stuck with it only just because you switch too often from one task to other. In such situations I do the following thing, I just write all TODO items in a paper as a long list. Even things like “respond to email” or “copy file” will get there. So all the enemies became are good visible.

After that I select a strategy for the war. There are three obvious:

  • Kill smallest first
  • Kill higher priority first
  • Combination of first two.

After that the hunting begins. When the next task get finished I strikethrough it (or even rewrite the list) so list became noticeable shorter.

In most cases I select first strategy and when the list come shorter you get more courage to fight with the more complex and long-term task, so they became to look not so big sometimes they start to look even miserable.

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