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Sand Castle

baby in sandbox

Developers like a babies in sandbox. Imagination whip them build various sand castles from their code and they very concerned to protect it. Their code - this is their mind, who like when other break their mind, break their “Sand Castle”?

Ooh… I will put this doodad and this doodad here… wow what a Castle! Mommy, mommy, he step on it, he step on my Castle…

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Small vs Big

Small Fly Team

As for me difference in Small and Big team this is what their members know the best.

In a Small team everybody knows what he is responsible for, and he is doing this and more often even more then this. “Who else can do this if not me?”

In a Big team everybody knows what other responsible for. “I will not do this because this is not my responsibility.”

If you have more then 2 Boss over you, them you probably work not in a Small team otherwise enjoy your work, since during evolution Small team will inevitably grow to Big team with all inherent to it attributes - bureaucracy, politic games and stagnation.

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Jedi Knight

What do you get for your work? Are you getting only money? Obviously answer is “No”. Money is a short term thing; working with the other people you also receive their knowledge. From them you may get how to:

  • Design scalable systems
  • Organize development process and manage all the things
  • Communicate with other
  • Writing good code
  • Making business
  • How to live finally

So you income = money + knowledge. But you will spend money fast while knowledge will stay with you for a long time and will help you make new money.

And when you getting knowledge remember, that now you are the “Chosen” bacause of Knowledge can’t be without you.

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